mPulse Mobile Offers Support at No Charge to Healthcare Providers, Patients in the Wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

In the aftermath of Harvey and in anticipation of Irma, there are many ways technology and mobile solutions across the digital health landscape can lend vital support and practical assistance to healthcare providers and patients alike.

People affected by these catastrophic hurricanes will spend countless weeks and months recovering and rebuilding. To lend its industry leading expertise and resources to that process, mPulse Mobile — a mobile technology provider that enables health care organizations to reach and engage patients to improve health and business outcome — is pledging its effort to reduce the impact of widespread disruption by helping healthcare organizations communicate with their consumers regardless of where their consumers currently are.

“When natural disasters like these occur, consumers with healthcare needs and appointments are often left in the dark about cancellations, rescheduling or the ability to move their appointment to another location due to the chaos caused by the hurricane,” the company says in a blog post. “For those already receiving care, it can be challenging for families and caretakers to track down to what facility their loved ones have been moved.”

We’re told that Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, which utilized mPulse in 2016 to keep patients notified about their appointments and Clinic closures during Hurricane Matthew, is currently using mPulse in preparation for Hurricane Irma.

“Programs like these help inform patients quickly and effectively, all while reducing thousands of incoming calls. Given the impact to so many patients, we are offering this support for no charge to hospitals and health systems for Hurricane Harvey and Irma related impacts,” the blog entry explains.

Per the company’s announcement, anyone wanting to speak with mPulse Mobile about assisting their organization during these challenging times can complete this form to sign up for mPulse Mobile’s no cost disaster relief program.