mParticle’s Next-Gen Platform ‘Liberates’ Customer Data from the Cloud

bigdataAhead of the weekend, MMW learned that mParticle is releasing the next generation of its customer data platform with a number of significant platform enhancements.

The new release, we’re told, is the next evolution of mParticle’s platform and overall service offerings, including significant performance enhancements, and revamped workflows to make it easier than ever to connect data anywhere.

They have also launched a new product feature called Feeds, making it easy for brands to ingest customer data from various SaaS applications back into the mParticle platform. Combined with mParticle’s industry-leading multi-screen data capabilities, Feeds helps complete the end-to-end view of the customer experience to drive improved analytics and marketing capabilities.

In just minutes, the company tells us, brands can combine data from any customer information source, including advertising attribution, CRM, email, helpdesk, and payments platforms, with their existing app and web data.

Unlike other solutions which have historically been channel or tactic-specific, mParticle enables brands to ingest, then analyze and action data from anywhere. Feeds launch partners include turn-key integrations with Kochava, Apsalar, Adjust, Iterable, Urban Airship, MailChimp, Tune and Zendesk.

“The shift to mobile and the adoption of SaaS tools creates a whole new set of challenges and opportunities for brands,” said Michael Katz, mParticle’s CEO and co-founder. “Data platforms need to be completely re-imagined to help businesses deal with several new realities not addressed by legacy solutions. This is a matter of invention, not just innovation.”

To learn more, check out mParticle here.