Mozilla Taking “Firefox Home” to the iPhone

Mozilla revealed this week that it will introduce a new application for the iPhone called “Firefox Home.”

The app will allow users to gain remote access to their desktop browser data, like browsing history and even the tabs last used in a Firefox session.

“Firefox Home” represents the most sophisticated attempt by Mozilla yet to pacify Firefox fanatics who want to extend their comforts of Mozilla to the iPhone. Moreover, the app also serves up the Firefox “Awesome Bar” capability, which simplifies the process by which individuals can access their favorite websites.

“Firefox Home for iPhone is part of a broader Mozilla effort to provide a more personal web experience with more user control,” says Mozilla Labs product manager Ragavan Srinivasan.

Essentially, the app’s functionality is made possible by Mozilla Sync, which synchronizes data between two desktop browsers via the Sync add-on. By setting up “Firefox Home” on your iPhone, the Sync functionality takes over and provides remote access to the browser data referenced.

Despite the hopes of many Mozilla users, there are no present plans to introduce a native iPhone browser, although a version of Firefox for Android is presently in the works. Firefox Home, however, will work on the iPad, even though it is not optimized to do so.