Mozido Launches Mozido HCE Product and Secures New Deal with TWMP

Mozido Launches Mozido HCE Product and Secures New Deal iwith TWMPOn Monday, the folks at Mozido, a global provider of digital payments and commerce solutions, announced the global availability of its new host card emulation (HCE) product, Mozido HCE.

Additionally, sandwiched into this week’s announcement, is news that Taiwan Mobile Payments Co. (TWMP) has tapped Mozido as provider for its HCE and tokenization services to its consortium of 27 Taiwanese banks and financial institutions.

Mozido’s HCE solution will provide a hybrid mobile wallet capability for TWMP that supports both existing consumers using hardware secure element based NFC phones, and consumers using HCE cloud-based NFC phones.

“We chose Mozido because they’re the only company that offers the flexibility and customization we need as a joint venture representing dozens of banks across the nation,” said Wei-Jong Pan, president of Taiwan Mobile Payment Co. “Mozido’s demonstrated strength in mobile wallet platforms and as a Trusted Services Manager, along with its ability to combine payments technologies into existing applications, makes them the best partner for us in our endeavor to bring faster and easier mobile payments to banking consumers.”