“Mozes” Parts The Seas of Mobile Marketing To Reach New Heights

Several days ago we reported about Myxer.com and their elaborate social network that connects music fans with their favorite artists. Similarly, Mozes, Inc., an interactive mobile marketing service that “enables customer-centric marketing campaigns through mobile devices and the Web,” is reporting that 1.3 million participants now communicate directly and interact with their favorite bands through Mozes.com and their comprehensive network.

According to the official press release, “Mozes is revolutionizing mobile marketing by helping marketers design flexible campaigns to deliver messages that customers not only trust, but welcome, on their mobile phones. More than one million voice message minutes — personalized voice messages between bands and their fans — have crossed the airwaves since Mozes added voice messaging as a service in October.”

“Mozes’ voice message service lets our artists and fans have a two-way conversation that is personal, fresh and real,” said Cameo Carlson, Senior Vice President of Digital Business for Universal Motown Recording Group. “Mozes provides us with a comprehensive platform that allows our artists’ fans to connect through text, voice and the Web, and as a trusted consumer service maximizes our reach to new and existing music fans.”

Mozes, which is permission-based, spam-free and cost-free to consumers, is only three years old. Originally directed at the music industry, Mozes is used by more than three thousand major label and independent artists, including Chris Brown, Colbie Caillat, Daughtry, Nelly and Rascal Flatts. Apart from linking music fans with their favorite artists, Mozes is first and foremost an interactive mobile marketing service that “connects people to the things they love.” Most visibly, Mozes has worked to launch mobile campaigns that incorporate voice, text and web resources. “Using Mozes,” said carlson, “anyone — from bands to fans to brands — can make their campaigns, promotions or events more powerful and interactive using the mobile phone and the web.”

Check out Mozes.com to see what all the hoopla is about.