Moving Mountains: mobileStorm CEO Jared Reitzin Chats with David Denberg About The Future of Summit at Powder Mountain

Moving Mountains mobileStorm CEO Jared Reitzin Chats with David Denberg About The Future of Summit SeriesFor entrepreneurs, Utah has become a magical destination of sorts.

Seven years ago, a small band of entrepreneurs — among them, Elliott Bisnow, Brett Leve, Jeff Rosenthal, Jeremy Schwartz, and Ryan Begelman — founded what would become the Summit Series.

An invitation-only event for aspiring youthful entrepreneurs to convene and learn from their peers, the Summit Series was initially held at a ski resort in the picturesque location of Park City, Utah.

“Summit began in 2008 with a simple premise: 19 entrepreneurs, three days, at one Utah ski resort, united by the concept that what’s good for business should be good for the world,” the story of Summit goes. “The idea caught fire. Six months later, 19 became 60.”

From there, Summit was asked by the Obama administration to facilitate discussions with young entrepreneurs and top White House officials in hopes of spurring new ideas for kick-starting the sluggish economy.

“That’s when we realized,” the Summit team says, “this was bigger than just a ski trip.”

In the years that have followed, the Summit Series has emerged as a prominent four-day annual event for one-thousand of the world’s top leaders, artists, scientists and bold thinkers. Having raised millions in the process for a broad array of worthy causes, the visionaries behind Summit didn’t just move mountains to change the world. They literally bought one.

“Enter Powder Mountain,” the Summit story goes. “An undiscovered gem in Utah’s Northern Wasatch range, Powder Mountain is the largest ski mountain in the United States. In February 2012, we moved to Eden, Utah, to purchase the mountain, with the goal of creating a center of culture and innovation: a small community with a big impact.”

Last week at SXSW in Austin, Texas, mobileStorm CEO Jared Reitzin (who has been a member of the Summit Series for six years) caught up with David Denberg, Director of Ambiance at Summit, to discuss the inspiring future of Summit in Utah and its role in the world at large.

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