Moving Forward in Reverse: Digital Element Launches New Reverse Geocoding

Moving Forward in Reverse Digital Element Launches New Reverse GeocodingBig news out of Atlanta. Digital Element has just introduced what it calls GeoMprint, a new reverse geocoding solution targeted at mobile device traffic.

The reason?

In order to get the most out of geotargeted campaigns, marketers need relevant, real-time location-based data to help create a smoother customer journey. With that in mind, a news release from the company explains, Digital Element is rolling out GeoMprint.

Offered as a web service, GeoMprint takes GPS-obtained latitude/longitude coordinates and converts that data into more useful geographic information such as ZIP/postcodes, cities, regions, etc. for businesses. This allows mobile users to automatically receive more localized content, messages, advertising and promotions. Unlike other solutions, GeoMprint does not involve any contingencies that require a map to be used in tandem with the geolocation data output. GeoMprint also does not restrict the number of queries.

“The profusion of mobile devices continues to allow us to creatively engage with consumers in unique ways,” said Rob Friedman, executive vice president of Digital Element. “Users accessing mobile websites are more likely seeking information or wanting to take action immediately, so companies are constantly challenged to create a more relevant, point-in-time experience. On their own, GPS coordinates mean little to companies, but the wealth of geolocation information that can be gleaned from that data is very beneficial for marketing and other business purposes.”