Motorola Wins One of Four ITC Patent Disputes with Apple

One out of four is better than nothing.

That’s likely what Motorola is thinking today, as the company received a favorable ruling from a judge with the U.S. International Trade Commission. The court today said that Motorola’s patent, which pertains to 3G technology, was violated by Apple.

The judge did not side with Motorola on the three other patent violation claims brought before the court.

“We are pleased that the ALJ’s initial determination finds Apple to be in violation of Motorola Mobility’s intellectual property, and look forward to the full commission’s ruling in August,” said Becki Leonard, a spokeswoman for Motorola Mobility.

The judge’s findings are subject to review by the six- member commission, which has the power to block imports that infringe U.S. patents.

Apple, of course, plans to appeal. And the iPhone maker believes the tide will eventually turn.

“A court in Germany has already declared this patent invalid, so we believe we will have a very strong case on appeal,” Kristin Huguet, a Apple spokeswoman, tells Bloomberg.