Motorola Mobility Invests Undisclosed Sum in Catch Media, Inc.

Motorola Mobility has made what is being called a “strategic investment” in Catch Media Inc. for an undisclosed sum of money.

Catch Media is an up and coming provider of a patented licensed digital rights locker platform known as “Play Anywhere.” The company’s registry, tracking, routing and clearinghouse technology enables retailers, carriers and consumer electronics vendors to offer customers access to their digital content from a variety of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

The hush-hush nature of the deal, however, is provoking no shortage of curiosity among those interested to see how Motorola Mobility will capitalize on the invested partnership. Many believe Motorola’s impetus for the deal is to gain some degree of access to Catch Media’s Play Anywhere & Music Anywhere service, which is expected to be fully introduced into the US market in the coming months.

“Instant and easy access to music and video collections from any device, any place and at any time has become a necessity for consumers,” said Mony Hassid, managing director at Motorola Mobility Ventures. “Catch Media’s innovative B2B platform gives consumers the ubiquitous access they crave while compensating the content owners, content distributors and every other party that contributes to the ecosystem.”

“Teaming up with Motorola Mobility is very exciting for us and adds the support and expertise of a leading vendor for cellular carriers and Cable/Telco operators to the Play Anywhere® ecosystem,” adds Yaacov Ben-Yaacov, co-founder and CEO of Catch Media. “Motorola’s support will enable our platform to be more tightly integrated across their devices.”