Motorola Gives Thumbs Up to SunUp in Latest Acquisition

Motorola Mobility, Inc. announced on Tuesday its acquisition of SunUp Digital Systems, a software provider that should be a helpful conduit for improved delivery of video services across numerous mobile platforms.

SunUp’s software is widely credited with providing fast and reliable video content delivery to multiple screens, such as television, smartphones and tablets.

For service providers, SunUp’s software rapidly automates tasks and unifies subsystems with a comprehensive set of modular, open standards-based applications for content, service, business process and workflow management.

According to Motorola, the deal – about which no financial details were announced – is all about tapping into the potential of new technologies and simplifying user experiences.

“Consumers are increasingly using companion devices to augment and personalize their entertainment experience, and with the acquisition of SunUp, Motorola Mobility strengthens its ability to enable service providers to rapidly create and manage advanced revenue-generating video services across multiple screens,” said John Burke, senior vice president and general manager, Converged Experiences, Motorola Mobility.

“SunUp software will enhance the Motorola Medios software platform,” Burke adds, “providing the ability, for example, to enforce content rights and to manage live content across multiple screens.”

Motorola Mobility made it’s latest major mobile investment three months ago with an infusion of cash into Catch Media, provider of the Play Anywhere digital rights locker platform.