Motorola Building 3D Capable Flip Phones

Motorola Building 3D Capable Flip Phones3D technology is finally making waves as promised for several years now.  Televisions, movies on the big screen and more are all adapting 3D to create a one-of-a-kind viewing experience for consumers.

Not to be left out, handset makers are getting in on the trend as well, with Motorola recently filing a patent to bring 3D images to its devices.  The patent describes technology for a flip phone that could display 3D images when it’s in its closed position.  It’s made possible by a translucent top screen in the cover that, when closed, provides a stop point for the image thrown up by the main screen in the main body of the handset.  As described in the patent;

“A cover is mechanically coupled to the housing and may be moved to overlie the display. The cover includes an optical element, such as a transparent lenticular material, through which the display may be viewed. The display presents images in two dimensions, and when the cover is “open“, the operator sees the displayed images, for example, diagrams and text, in two dimensions. However, when the cover is “closed“, the operator perceives the images presented through the optical element as three dimensional.”

Motorola claims that contact names, phone numbers, images, video, scrolled menus and user interface commands, along with other on-screen display items, will all be viewable in 3D with its technology.  Several other handset makers are working on 3D-capable devices, though there’s still been no mention of when they might be available to consumers.