Motally Debuts 2-Way Mobile App Communication For Developers

Motally Debuts 2-Way Mobile App Communication For DevelopersMotally today announced the availability of two-way communication between developers and the apps they create, allowing them to make changes in real-time without having to resubmit their app to app stores and go through the strenuous process of re-approval.

Once developers deploy their apps to the various app stores and begin to track analytics based on consumer usage, they’ve been forced to completely resubmit their apps with the improvement made based on their findings.  With two-way communication, developers can simply make the changes necessary and see the results in real-time.

The new solution allows developers to make changes remotely to data values in previously defined fields, all from within the web interface of their Motally account.  For example, a developer can turn on debug tracking remotely to resolve bugs on the fly, without having to go through app stores’ often meticulous and lengthy approval process.  Developers can also include a discount code field into an application and change the value for that code, based on a particular marketing campaign, for example.

“The app submission and resubmission process definitely can hold developers back from bringing updates to market as fast as they would like. With Motally’s 2-Way Communication feature, we are excited about providing on-the-fly adjustments to apps and believe the uninterrupted consumer experience will lead to higher engagement and usage,” says Peter Sankauskas, game developer and Software Engineer at Motally.