MoSync Debuts “Standardized” Open Source Mobile App Development Platform

MoSync Debuts Standardized Open Source Mobile App Development PlatformWhen it comes to mobile apps, everyone is trying to create a development platform that encompasses all varying devices, OSs and so on, but the idea of “create once, deploy anywhere” is a concept that won’t truly be realized for quite some time.

During MWC, MoSync debuted its attempt to offer a cross-platform development tool as part of its roadmap to enable a cross platform App Store solution based on open source technology and industry standards.  Beyond the launch of its development platform, MoSync also has plans to offer an App Store client and a server solution which will enable any player to launch a complete cross platform App Store solution “within 24 hours and with close to zero start-up costs.”

Like similar cross-platform attempts, MoSync’s solution works across all major mobile platforms and devices in hopes of eliminating the problem of fragmentation within both development and publishing of mobile applications.  “MoSync identified the problem caused by lack of standards more than five years ago and has since worked to create a solution solving the problem within both development and distribution,” says Dusyant Patel, CEO at MoSync.  “MoSync creates openness in this space and enables any small or large player to launch a complete cross platform App Store.  This revolutionizes the mobile application and App Store space and enables access to mobile applications for billions of end-users.“

One of the advantages I see to MoSync, is the fact that it’s completely open source and comes with lots of example code to get off the ground quickly.  The cross-platform SDK also allows for the development of applications for all the major mobile platforms using one single C/C++ codebase.  Whether it will be enough to entice developers remains to be seen, but MoSync has put a lot of thought into their platform.  This will definitely be one to keep an eye on in the near future.