Morgan Stanley Makes New iPhone Sales Projection

Morgan Stanley Makes New iPhone Sales ProjectionComparable to recent estimates put forward by the likes of Barclays and others, Morgan Stanley is out with a new projection for iPhone sales during the March quarter.

Although sales will not come close to those logged over the record-breaking blockbuster holiday quarter (in which Apple sold nearly 75 million units), don’t think the first three months of 2015 will be unkind to Apple.

According to Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty, Apple can still barely keep up with demand for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Consequently, the analyst expects Apple to post sales of 54 million iPhones in the March quarter (Apple’s fiscal Q2 of 2015).

Driving perpetually strong sales, Huberty proposes, is the fact that Apple makes “the best devices at what it considers a fair price.“

Apple, Huberty contends, “focuses on providing users a superior experience through well-integrated and innovative hardware, software, services, and ecosystem. As a result, its users are the most loyal, and they tend to purchase multiple Apple devices. This is best reflected in the iPhone, where the company has kept pricing steady in the last few years even as competitors had to half their pricing to compete.”