More Mobile Marketing Food for Thought From South Africa

I was fairly confident after my two recent pontifications about the booming business of mobile marketing in South Africa that several months would surely pass before another relevant news item would catch my attention from that part of the world.

I was wrong.

Eddie Groenewald, the CEO of a major mobile marketing company in Cape Town, South Africa released a white paper that is getting attention from mobile marketers around the world. The general message? Now that we know how to send messages through mobile marketing, let’s start concentrating the quality of the message.

At first I was blown away by both the simplicity and profundity of such an implication. But how true. We’ve been so dazzled by the bells and whistles of this new powerful advertising mechanism that the quality of the communication that can honestly make or break the effectiveness of a campaign is rarely if ever discussed.

Apart from offering a host of other campaign management ideas, Eddie really hit the nail on the head (and is likely turning heads in the process) by stressing the value of thoughtful communication when initially sending messages and responding to consumers.

To dig for other gems of wisdom originating from South Africa, check out this link to learn more from Eddie Groenewald.