More Marketers Beginning to Focus on eCommerce

More Marketers Beginning to Focus on eCommerceThis year more than any other, marketers and marketing agencies are beginning to think about eCommerce in their efforts with regard to designing and launching websites, particularly those optimized for mobile.

Ahead of the weekend, Rand Internet Marketing –a web development company — announced a coupling with FoyerLive, a firm that lets businesses bring the power of eCommerce functionality into their physical stores.

“We are excited to be partnering with FoyerLive,” said Seth Rand, Founder & CEO at Rand Internet Marketing. “We believe FoyerLive will provide successful solutions that will deliver positive results for our clients within the retail industry.”

In short, we’re told that FoyerLive alleviates no shortage of consumer pain points and brings the power of commerce innovation to Main Street.

The platform has an impressive array of retailer friendly features, including interactive digital signage, touch screen product browsing, social media content feeds, mobile payments and an endless aisle, which provides the opportunity to sell their full inventory to customers in each store regardless of store size.

“We are very pleased to partner with Rand Marketing,” states Dean Flynn, CEO at FoyerLive. “They share our commitment of delivering innovative shopping experiences for our clients.”