More Hispanic Shoppers Using Mobile Devices

With U.S. smartphone penetration approximately at 57 percent today, it’s no surprise that consumers are using their phones to assist with shopping needs.

What’s interesting, according to a new report from The Integer Group and M/A/R/C Research, is 16 percent of Hispanic shoppers are using their mobile device to make purchases compared to 12 percent of general market shoppers.

This was revealed in the latest issue of The Checkout.

“Since mobile and online tools are important to Hispanics, there is opportunity to leverage technology to better engage this audience. It’s not just about replicating general market strategies and making them bilingual, it’s taking those key elements that Hispanic shoppers seek and incorporating them into the shopper experience,” explains Martin Ferro, senior account planner for Velocidad.

Other findings on Hispanic shoppers from The Checkout include:

  • Hispanics place greater emphasis on their personal networks, with 40 percent saying recommendations from their friends and family influence their shopping list compared to 29 percent of the general market.
  • Hispanic shoppers are more experiential, with 25 percent of Hispanics saying that having an enjoyable shopping experience was most important to them compared to 18 percent of general market shoppers.
  • When considering value, 53 percent of Hispanic shoppers say finding the highest quality items is the most important factor compared to 40 percent of the general market. Price is also an important factor, with 45 percent of Hispanics saying this is most important to them compared to 43 percent of general market shoppers.

To learn more, check out The Checkout here.