More Enterprises Going Mobile as 2016 Looms Large

More Enterprises Going Mobile as 2016 Looms LargeThe thirteenth Good Mobility Index Report was release this week and it shows that organizations are increasingly going mobile.

Jumping out in the report from the BlackBerry owned company is that more organizations than ever are now building custom secure apps.

Among Good (Powered by BlackBerry) customers who are building custom apps, the average organization has developed 3.74 custom apps to help mobilize key business processes.

More broadly, the report summary notes, the calendar Q3 report showed a 30 percent quarter-over-quarter increase in app activations and an increase in the number of organizations using multiple apps beyond email.

“The Q3 Good Mobility Index Report validates that enterprises are moving forward to the next stage of their mobility journeys,” said Billy Ho, Executive Vice President of Enterprise Product and Value Added Solutions at BlackBerry. “The ability for organizations to develop compelling, secure cross-platform mobile applications using the Good Dynamics platform is one of the key benefits that made the acquisition of Good so important to our strategy.”

The Good crew says a free webinar detailing findings in the Q3 2015 Good Mobility Index Report will take place on December 2, 2015. Want to register? Click here.