More Details Surface on Tim Cook’s Plan for Apple Inside China

For the second time in less than a year, Apple chief executive Tim Cook has visited China, which is one of the most important markets on Apple’s list of mobile communities to conquer.

In addition to selling a record number of iDevices in China last year and having plans to build even more retail stores in China this year, Apple’s Asian concentration is also extending to the research and development side of business.

Tencent Tech – the technology news section of a major Chinese web portal – has been in communication with connected sources who claim that Tim Cook recently outlines his plans for Apple in China this year.

At a meeting with Beijing’s acting mayor Wang Anshun on January 8, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company plans to set up an R&D center in Beijing, an unnamed insider source told Tencent Tech today.

According to the report, Apple will also relocate several servers to China “in order to improve the downloading speed for users in China.”

In China, Apple’s presence continues to grow by leaps and bounds every month. This weekend, in fact, the iPad mini and the fourth generation iPad will become available through Apple retail stores, the Apple Online Store and select Apple Authorized Resellers across China.