More Companies Focusing on Geo-Targeted Mobile Advertising

More Companies Focusing on Geo-Targeted Mobile AdvertisingEngage Mobility tells MMW that the provider of mobile marketing technologies and solutions has now implemented location-based mobile marketing using geo-fencing and geo-targeting.

The aim of this expansion, naturally, is to help businesses more effectively reach viable customers.

Engage Mobility says this propriety platform – called the Mobile Engagement System – enables focused outreach to hyper-local consumers based both on their proximity to a retail location, and their relevancy by time, interests and demographic.
So how does it work?

The geo-fencing and geo-targeting features of the Mobile Engagement System allow businesses to send the most relevant messages, real time promotions and push notifications to potential customers based on their exact location.

Engage sets up a virtual boundary in a real world area. When consumers enter this area, businesses can engage with them in the highly valuable mobile environment by delivering content that is contextually relevant to the audience.

“The results of these types of platforms have created a major shift in how marketing dollars are spent,” the company says, citing a recent BIA/Kelsey forecast suggesting that one of three dollars spent on mobile advertising now goes to location-targeted advertisements, a figure expected to grow to nearly one-half by 2017.