MoPub Reports Spike in Q1 Mobile Ad Spending

On Thursday, MoPub – a global ad server for smartphone app publishers – released a comprehensive new quarterly report showcasing 2013 Q1 trends in mobile advertising monetization and demand for smartphone ad inventory.

The report finds an uptick in Q1 2013 mobile ad spending vs. Q4 2012 mobile ad spending.

The data upon which the report is based is representative of 45 billion monthly ad impressions across verticals, aggregated from smartphone applications, advertisers and demand side platforms on MoPub Marketplace.

Historically, there is a dip in ad spend following the holidays as we head into the New Year. This year, we witnessed an extended down cycle, followed by an unprecedented influx in ad spend at the end of Q1, which resulted in quarter over quarter growth (Q1 2013 over Q4 2012).

Increased mobile ad spend is growing in lockstep with groundbreaking advancements in mobile advertising’s overall sophistication and ad format diversity.

Once again in this race, iOS is leading Android.

“The CPM premium on impressions for iOS over Android, iPad over iPhone and iPhone over Android Smartphone increased from January to March to 39.4%, 32.0% and 76.0% respectively,” MoPub reveals.

The Mobile Advertising Marketplace Report from MoPub is available for download now.