Moolah Media Debuts New Ad Units To Identify And Monetize Mobile Users, Launches $3M Development Fund

Newly launched Moolah Media, a Cost-Per-Action (CPA) and Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) mobile advertising provider that just launched in December of last year, has debuted a new set of ad units that promise to identify and monetize mobile users in a brand new way.  In addition, the startup has created a $3M developer fund to help publishers achieve additional payouts using the platform.

The new ad units being launched today help solve a problem that many mobile publishers and app developers face, which is the fact that the more engaging the app or mobile Website is, the worse performing the mobile ads are going to be.  You want users to engage with the content of your app/site, but you need them to engage with ads as well to make sure you generate sufficient revenue.  As a user, if you’re engaged with an app, why would you want to leave it to click an advertisement?  This is the paradox of mobile advertising and a problem Moolah is aiming to solve with its new ad solutions.

Moolah has created “App.Suite” and “Mob.Suite,” which allow developers and publishers the ability to monetize their users in ways that best work for their audience and user experience.  Each suite consists of three ad units, which can be utilized individually or in combination.  Using a mobile game as an example, the new ad units can monetize the user when they download the game and between levels or after they’re done playing the game.  The three new ad units are as follows:

Co-Registration (App.Roll and Mob.Roll) – With co-registration, users register with the mobile app or website and are shown a series of highly relevant offers, which they can choose to skip or view.  Co-registration is an effective way to immediately monetize and recover the cost of acquiring new users.  Moolah’s co-registration can also be used to unlock content within a mobile site or game.  eCPMs for App.Roll and Mob.Roll range from $200-$400, or .25-.60 average revenue per user.

Notifications (App.Notify and Mob.Notify) – With notifications, users opt-in to receive notifications (either device tray for Android or SMS for mobile web) with status updates and deal alerts.  Notifications are an effective tool to promote recurring monetization of users that don’t return to an app or mobile site frequently, and help to re-engage users.  Using Moolah’s App.Notify and Mob.Notify, developers and publishers can expect eCPMs ranging from $8-$15 and recurring ARPUs of .5 to .20 per month.

Display (App.Display and Mob.Display) – With display, developers and publishers can monetize impressions with banners and interstitial ads that are targeted based on device type, carrier, category, and other parameters.  Using display, developers and publishers can expect 100 percent fill rates and .25-$4 eCPMs.

For quick reference, Moolah put together the following chart which details the new ad units and what they entail . . .