Moolah CPA Mobile Advertising Network Launches, Already Boasts 250K Monthly Leads

A brand new Cost-Per-Action (CPA) -based mobile advertising network was announced today from Moolah Media, a company that’s just coming out of stealth mode after several months of private beta.

Using a performance-based model, the company claims it provides 100% fill rates, while delivering ads to apps, on the mobile Web, through text messages and via voice channels.  Advertisers can use the network to drive various actions like inbound calls directly to a call center and collecting signups and other registration leads — all while tracking conversions using Moolah’s real-time reporting.  “Moolah gives advertisers the opportunity to market to their target audience and track campaigns for each traffic source, rather than paying for errant clicks from undisclosed sources,” the company said.

Since launching only a month ago, Moolah Media is already serving 100 million impressions and generating over 250 thousand quality leads each month, the company said in its release.  Though there’s not much competition yet, the company also claims it’s the highest performing US-based mobile affiliate network.

“Moolah Media’s 100 percent fill rate and performance-based mobile offers helped us monetize our inventory and increase profit,” said Ben Perry, vice president of advertising operations at MocoSpace, the largest social entertainment destination on the mobile web. “Moolah’s broad range of proprietary offers and targeting capabilities helped to maintain a high level of engagement with our users.”