Monthly Roundup

Another Month is in the books! Last Month I started with these Monthly Roundups and I like the idea of posting how I’m doing and where I’m going so I hope you enjoy them.

So, first things first. Thanks to the readers. Without you folks I’d basically be talking to myself, I’m grateful, and it looks like I picked up 30 new readers in August so for those of you that are new, welcome to the Mobile Marketing Watch! It’s hard to believe but back in May I had something like 30 readers (max). This morning, FeedBurner is reporting that I have 126.

Mobile Marketing Watch Readers

Though it’s taking small steps, my web traffic here continues to grow. I’m starting to plug-in in some advertising and paid directory listings to see if I can begin to get eyeballs from new areas. You should see my Blog listed in the Best of the Web Blog Directory and the Yahoo Directory within the next few days.

Here’s how my last 90 days shakes out and I can’t complain, things are moving and that’s positive. In May the site had 808 unique visitors and that’s nearly doubled since that point.

Web Traffic Header
June, July and August Web Traffic for Mobile Marketing Watch

I’m starting to make some headway in Google too! Google, StumpleUpon and Yahoo are my three best referring sites and Google is really starting to show signs of growth.

Google Traffic Overview

I would highly recommend a Google Site Map for your Blog if you don’t already have one. Once I installed mine things started getting indexed right away and I’m even beginning to appear on the radar for such phrases as mobile marketing which returns nearly 300M results in Google. On Wednesday I had reached 29th position in a search for that phrase. I’m noticing that it changes several times daily though. Since Wednesday, I’ve been bumped humbled back to 71. If you’re running a Word Press Blog you can pick up a SiteMap Plugin here.

Lastly, here’s my top article roundup for August.

Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend everyone.