Montavo/InfoUSA Deal Makes 14M+ Businesses Mobile

Montavo’s “mDeal-Finder” mobile application is similar to others, in that it’s an opt-in location-based service that delivers coupons and deals to consumers, but has one distinct advantage over its competition.

Not long ago, Montavo entered a partnership with InfoUSA to provide access to its ever-growing database of businesses nationwide.  The agreement allows Montavo to provide mobile consumers and advertisers with specifically designed features and functions that it didn’t have before.  This will be achieved via custom software code written by infoUSA solely for Montavo’s use in accessing information from infoUSA’s database of 14 million U.S. businesses.

Brook Lang, CEO of Montavo, explained that the deal with InfoUSA allows Montavo to offer mobile consumers on the go a comprehensive set of mobile deals, new product launches, and purchasing information wirelessly in real-time for all the products and services promoted via the InfoUSA database.  “This will include all the businesses in their category of interest in a new hyper local way using LBS/GPS location,” added Lang.

This was an excellent move on Montavo’s part- to scoop up one of the largest business databases operating in the US, and integrate the massive amount of real-time data with its comprehensive location-based mobile advertising platform.  This, in theory, will make Montavo’s LBS solution relevant no matter where the consumer may be in the US.  There’s a ton of other similar services, but only in larger cities.  This gives advertisers using the Montavo platform an instant upper hand.

Another key aspect of the partnership is the fact that InfoUSA maintains the most updated database of business listings available.  Each month, infoUSA seamlessly updates the local business database to deliver accurate and current business content for Montavo’s customers. The company updates nearly 2 million records every month, including adding 150,000 new businesses and removing 130,000 out of business records.

This should be interesting to follow, and to see what effects the partnership has on Montavo’s future success.  They now have the resources available to become a major player in LBS marketing, but will they utilize those resources effectively?