Monetizing Podcasts: Audioboom Selects WideOrbit Service for Audio Advertising

Monetizing Podcasts Audioboom Selects WideOrbit Service for Audio AdvertisingWideOrbit Inc. is a major provider of advertising management software for media companies.

And the company just scored a new client. Now audioBoom plc, the leading spoken-word audio on-demand mobile platform, has adopted the firm’s “WO On Demand” to distribute and monetize its podcasts as well as other on-demand digital audio content.

WO On Demand’s content management solution is helping digital audio content providers make more money by dint of the company’s real-time dynamic insertion of audio advertising.

audioBoom selected WO On Demand after a thorough competitive review; the London-based podcast network has 3.6 million registered users worldwide and works with over 2,400 global content partners and broadcasters.

audioBoom is also the exclusive platform for the popular Russell Brand Podcast.

“WideOrbit’s digital audio products are built from the ground up on solid, straightforward processes and technology,” says Lance Paterson, Head of Ad Networks at audioBoom. “WO On Demand is exactly what we need: a podcast monetization solution designed for resilience that can scale with our expectations for increased traffic as our business expands across the world.”

More details on monetizing podcasts and other on-demand content is available here.