Momentous Entertainment Group Touts Acquisition of Mobile Ad Network

MMW learned Monday that Momentous Entertainment Group, Inc. — an online social media network company — has executed agreements and completed initial funding to acquire, if you’re not familiar, is a leading mobile advertising network with a strong worldwide affiliate network with historical revenues over the past four years having topped $2.5 million annually.

“Blackfox experienced explosive growth in 2016 with over a dozen premium and big-budget advertising customers such as Symantec (owner of Lifelock), Tiger Media Inc, Cliq Digital (all three companies are publically listed with revenues over $300M),” reads a statement emailed to MMW.

These and other direct Blackfox customers have used the Blackfox platform to run major mobile ad sales campaigns for such companies as Walmart, Nutri-Systems, Old Navy, LivingSocial, Amazon, GoDaddy, Macy’s, LendingTree and others.

“What makes Blackfox an extraordinary purchase is at the heart of this company is its strength in digital marketing,” a media release concludes. “This acquisition will heavily fuel our advertising campaigns for our current and future portfolio of products to achieve double digit revenue growth.”