Mojiva Mullet Report: 6 Out Of 10 People Are Android Users, iPad Ad Requests Up 137%

Mobile advertising provider Mojiva recently published its latest “Mullet Report” for January, detailing some impressive post-holiday usage statistics as seen from its network.

Not surprisingly, Apple products showed a huge boost in usage after the holidays — likely due to the millions of iPhones, iPods and iPads given as gifts — while Android devices surged to a commanding lead in overall unique users, according to the report.

The report shows that six out of every 10 unique users on the network were using an Android-powered device, while Apple showed a higher rate of engagement, or click-through rate (CTR), before the holiday period (12/20 – 12/24) in comparison to the week after (12/26 – 12/31).  On average, the Android user audience was more engaged at a time (12/26 – 12/31) when retailers commonly launch post-holiday sales.

Apple mobile device ad requests were abundant after the holidays: iPad ad requests increased by 137 percent, iPhone by 68 percent and iPod Touch by 145 percent.  The full report is available here.