Mojiva Finds Tablets Are Critical to Mobile Advertising Today

Premium mobile ad network Mojiva has released a fascinating new consumer snapshot report on tablet use and tablet advertising.

There were 70 million tablet owners in the U.S. as of December 2012. With nearly one in four Americans now using a tablet, the report indicates, it’s a channel that brand advertisers, publishers and social platforms can no longer ignore.

One trend that’s becoming clear is that consumers are now turning to their tablets for everyday tasks such as making a retail purchase or paying bills. No doubt proving tablets have become a valuable tool in delivering ROI and revenue to brand advertisers.

This morning’s release of the “Tablets Rule” research report showcases how brand advertisers are increasingly centering all of their other forms of advertising around tablets, thus increasing metrics related to consumer engagement, click-through rates, video plays, social influence and mobile commerce.

“Tablet device growth and time spent with these devices have been on a rapid incline worldwide for several quarters,” explains David Gwozdz, CEO of Mojiva. “It was only a matter of time before the consumer base reached a critical mass point, where they are now relying on tablets to perform necessary utility functions previously conducted on their desktop/laptop computers, in addition to enjoying the amazing entertainment qualities afforded by these lightweight, interactive devices. As a result, tablet advertising is fast moving away from being perceived as an optional medium, and instead proving to be a valuable tool in delivering ROI and revenue to brand advertisers.”

The full “Tablets Rule” report can be downloaded now from Mojiva’s Research Portal.