Mojiva Explores Growth in Hispanic Mobile Advertising

With the rate of mobile device adoption within the Hispanic community growing at a rapid pace, the latest insight from Mojiva on Monday is shedding informative light on the important state of mobile advertising to Hispanics today.

Mojiva points to new research from the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) to highlight the growing trend among advertisers, who are now spending their dollars to reach multicultural segments like never before.

“Interestingly,” a post from the mobile advertising network reads, “the study found that 88% of brands were focused on targeting U.S. Hispanics.”

These findings are in line with similar reports from Nielsen, indicating that U.S. Hispanics are highly social and mobile in nature. For example, Hispanics spend 68 percent more time watching video on the Internet and 20 percent more time watching video on their mobile devices than non-Hispanic whites. Plus, this segment of the U.S. population is also on track to outpace all ethnic groups in mobile downloads of music and photos.

“Given these numbers, marketers need to be laser focused in the what, where, when and how they tell their brand story to these mobile-savvy Hispanic users,” Mojiva says.

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