Mogreet: Verizon Wireless Subscribers, iPhone Users View The Most Mobile Video Messages

Mobile video messaging provider Mogreet today published its Q3 2010 mobile marketing analytics report, which reveals consumer behavior patterns for mobile campaigns that integrated mobile video messages via Mogreet’s platform.  In addition, the company published its top five mobile predictions for 2011.

In terms of mobile video messaging views by carrier, Verizon Wireless took the top spot with a 35.8% share, followed closely by AT&T with 31.4%.  T-Mobile, Sprint and Boost Mobile rounded out the top five with 12.5%, 11% and 1.6% respectively.  In terms of handset type, Apple’s iPhone remained number one with 7.4% of all mobile video messaging views on the company’s platform.  The LG enV 3 took second place with 4%, followed by the LG enV Touch, the LG enV2 and the BlackBerry Curve with 3.8%, 2.3% and 2.2% respectively.

The research even rated the top regions for mobile video messaging in terms of viewership, with Houston, Texas taking the lead.  South Carolina, Phoenix, The Atlanta metro area and New York City rounded out the top five.

“Our research shows that mobile video messages are being viewed across many different demographic groups, underscored by the fact that over 88% of MMS messages were viewed outside of the top 10 metro areas last quarter,” said James Citron, CEO, Mogreet. “Brand marketers have a great opportunity to reach a wide range of consumers via personalized, relevant mobile marketing campaigns and they can reach over 80% of mobile phone subscribers with mobile video, since most feature phones have MMS capabilities. This ability to provide stimulating, relevant, value-driven data to a wide consumer base is one reason MMS is becoming the technology choice of major brands to reach consumers.”

Mogreet also issued these five prediction for the mobile market as we enter 2011:

  1. Samsung will become #1 smartphone player, fueled by growth of Android
  2. The mobile advertising market will reach $2.5 billion
  3. At least 25% of mobile advertising will come from MMS and MMS advertising revenue will cannibalize SMS ad revenues, because more brands and advertisers will turn to rich media advertising.
  4. Microsoft will make a significant mobile advertising acquisition by the end of 2011, after Windows Phone 7 fails to increase Microsoft’s share against Google and Apple in mobile advertising.
  5. Vying for a play in the smartphone market, Dell will make an acquisition. Motorola’s handset business?