Mogreet Launches Self-Service Text Messaging Platform

This week, Mogreet launched Mogreet Express, which the company is calling a first-of-its-kind self-service text messaging platform that gives small- and medium-sized businesses the means to initiate text message marketing campaigns in addition to sending multimedia messages.

Mogreet contends that these MMS messages create visual customer interactions (including video, pictures and audio) distributed across Mogreet’s platform, the largest MMS commercial platform in the world. It’s used by major retail and entertainment brands including Charlotte Russe, Nike and even Disney.

SMBs now benefit from the value of text marketing, Mogreet says, which yields the highest open rate within mobile marketing (98 percent), on a platform trusted by major brands.

“Small businesses are faced with a big challenge – how to drive sales when most consumers have short attention spans, are less brand loyal than ever before, and are resistant to advertising,” says James Citron, CEO and cofounder of Mogreet. “Our belief is that the most successful approach is to create powerful messages and deliver them to the one device that every consumer is glued to – the mobile phone.”

“Using Express,” he explains, “we’ve given small business owners the power to deliver powerful marketing messages with engaging photos or videos directly into the hands, purses and pockets of their customers. Business owners using Mogreet Express will not only benefit from its ease-of-use, but also its ability to drive sales, increase repeat purchases, build loyalty and attract new customers.”