Mogreet Debuts Mobile Video Marketing Platform

Mogreet Debuts Mobile Video Marketing PlatformMogreet, a new company focusing on mobile video-based marketing, debuted it’s new all-inclusive mobile video platform yesterday at Ad:Tech- a platform that gives advertisers access to “hundreds of millions of Americans across all top U.S carriers,” and is available on feature flip-phones and the latest smartphones alike.

Put simply, the platform makes it easy for marketers to send short-format mobile videos via MMS to almost all mobile users in the U.S.- regardless of whether they use a high-end smartphone or the latest free feature phone.  Furthermore, the platform allows marketers to measure the effectiveness and ROI of each campaign in real-time.

Mogreet claims current clients using the platform are routinely seeing open rates, video views and click-through rates 15-25 times higher than other forms of “advertising media”- though it’s a little misleading given the fact that its not compared to other forms of mobile marketing.

The fact that text-messages are usually read by a user within 20 seconds means brands can start seeing results almost instantaneously, versus hours or days for a similar email marketing campaign.  Another added benefit to using a mobile video-based platform is the fact that videos invoke a viral reaction, meaning videos sent via the platform have a chance to go viral much like they do Online.  Mogreet claims the viral aspect of its new mobile video marketing platform can result in 5 to 10 times additional reach.

I like the idea, and mobile video-based marketing will one day be a large part of the mobile marketing industry, but while Mogreet has created an all-inclusive tool to facilitate mobile video marketing, it’s still a slippery slope to conquer for those who are just now wrapping their head around the idea of mobile marketing in general.