MoFuse Secures Funding, Boasts 12,000 Blogs So Far

MoFuse is one of the most simple to use platforms available that allows you to take your blog or site mobile within just a few minutes. Through the use of a simple re-direct, SMS widget, and/or chicklet, you can give your site visitors an easy to read mobile version of your content that’s even optimized for iPhone viewing.

Work began on the platform a little over a year ago in August, 2007. The MoFuse platform was launched to the public less than three months later on November 1st. In its first few months, MoFuse closed out 2007 sporting 2,200 mobile sites. Today, that number has grown to nearly 12,000 sites, making it the fastest-growing mobile site publishing network in the world.

Because of the rapid growth, MoFuse has finally secured its first round of seed capital. The Slater Technology Fund, a Rhode Island-based early-stage fund that is backed by the State of Rhode Island, provided the capital. “We’re thrilled at this validating investment by the Slater Technology Fund and we look forward to utilizing it toward continuing our growth,” said Annette Tonti, MoFuse’s CEO. “The wide adoption of our platform has necessitated more hires and of course, more investment. So we’re especially gratified that it’s from such an important, local partner.”

Since January of 2008, the company has increased its site portfolio by 240% and the number of page views by more than 935%. The MoFuse Network, which includes many notable blogs such as: Mashable, ReadWriteWeb, PoliticalWire, HarvardBusiness and Doc Searls, realizes more than one million page views per month and is growing more than 25% every month.

“The more we consume the web through our mobile devices, the more impetus there will be toward MoFuse’s growth,” said Thorne Sparkman, Managing Director of the Slater Technology Fund. “And while it assembles a burgeoning network of sites, MoFuse is building a talent and experience base that will be tough to overtake. Presentation is just the first in a series of hurdles that the blogosphere will need to surmount. We see this as a tremendous opportunity to enable a large, global publishing population to integrate with the mobile channel.”

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