MoFuse Launches Premium Mobile Site Service

MoFuse, a popular mobile website creation service, has just launched a new premium service aimed at more comprehensive mobile website needs and larger businesses.  In addition to the new paid service, MoFuse is still offering its free services under the new title “MoFuse For Blogs.”

MoFuse has made a name for itself by offering a quick solution for generating mobile versions of any website on-the-fly with its unique online control panel and “drag-and-drop” user interface.  The new premium service operates on a completely separate platform as the original and adds functionality for things like advanced search, Google Maps integration, color customization, a local weather app, and the ability to nest topics in any mobile site using its advanced drap-and-drop technology.

Where the service truly shines is in its overall simplicity.  With a few clicks and drags, a website owner can go from having nothing to a full-featured mobile website that’s able to be easily viewed on any mobile device including iPhones.  Mobile Marketing Watch has been using MoFuse For Blogs since its inception, take a look at for an example.  In addition, you can view a quick overview demo of the new MoFuse Premium platform here.