MoEngage Touts New Web Push Notification Feature

home-2MoEngage, a User Engagement and Analytics platform, announced last week the introduction of web push notifications. This new addition extends MoEngage’s marketing product portfolio beyond mobile apps to reach consumers with a Desktop and Mobile Web presence.

“The web push notifications will send personalized messages to targeted users based on their attributes and past behaviour on their app, desktop and mobile web,” a provided statement reads.

Web push notifications are non-intrusive, completely customizable and have a 15 percent opt-in rate, which is about 10 times higher than email.  The notifications allow companies to engage users outside their browsers, giving marketers the power to reach specific users at the most pertinent times with relevant content. The notifications segmentation and personalization further ensure higher conversion rates of users. Along with mobile push, in-app and email messaging, web push notifications add a crucial dimension to user engagement.

“The user lifecycle today moves between mobile app, mobile web and web before a conversion happens. Marketers use different channels for different purposes – discovery, research, final purchase, etc. We want to empower omni-channel marketers with user engagement across channels with a powerful analytics layer beneath,” says Raviteja Dodda, CEO and Co-Founder of MoEngage.

In short, MoEngage’s platform allows omni-channel marketers to track and deeply analyze user behaviour across mobile app, mobile and desktop site. Marketers can segment users and measure important key performance indicators that are relevant to help improve user engagement and drive additional value through specific targeted engagement campaigns.

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