MoEngage Named a ‘Cool Vendor’ by Gartner

MoEngage, Inc. — an AI-powered customer engagement platform for marketers and ecommerce professionals — announced this week new capabilities for Sherpa, its AI-based decision engine.

Sherpa, we’re told, enhances customer engagement and drives users to make new and repeat purchases.

Using a unique Content Optimization component, Sherpa automatically tailors specific marketing designed to optimize conversions among targeted end users. This includes intelligently delivering certain messages at specific times, based on how each individual responds. The combination of right message, right time is critical in driving prospective customers to make a purchase.

“By automatically identifying optimum delivery times for our messaging on a per-user basis, Sherpa has empowered our small team to drive consumers from the web into local stores in their communities,” said Andrea Barsk, Director of Marketing for online pet retailer, PetFlow. “And this type of targeting is definitely effective — since implementing MoEngage, we’ve seen a 7% increase in engagement within targeted segments.”

In addition to Sherpa’s new AI-based capabilities, MoEngage also announced it has been named to Gartner’s list of “Cool Vendors” in the Retail Merchandising and Marketing report by Kelsie Marian and Robert Hetu.

The report evaluates intriguing companies that are reconfiguring merchandising and marketing processes with AI.