Modo Labs Unveils New Mobile Marketing Solution

Modo Labs Unveils New Mobile Marketing SolutionOn Thursday, Modo Labs – an on-demand mobile engagement platform provider – confirmed the launch of a new mobile marketing solution made possible through the company’s partnership with Marketo, provider of a cloud-based marketing automation platform.

Together, Modo Labs and Marketo will enable marketers to more fully leverage mobile marketing opportunities to target the mobile masses more efficiently than ever.

The coupling is undoubtedly inspired by the projected growth the industry is anticipated to enjoy over the next 24 months.

In the U.S., for example, almost $10.5 billion will be spent on mobile marketing in 2013, a figure set to roughly double to $21 billion by 2015.

The integration between Modo Labs, Kurogo Publisher, and Marketo enables fast and easy deployment to engage on-the-go prospects with seamless lead tracking via both mobile websites and apps.

The combined solution, we’re told,  also empowers marketers to employ advanced mobile nurturing to build profiles of their customers in a continual and progressive manner, monitor and enhance their mobile marketing programs and maximize their marketing return on investment within an accelerating mobile-user customer base.

“The Marketo integration with Kurogo Publisher and our partnership with Modo Labs ensures that Marketo customers can easily take advantage of all that mobile marketing has to offer and measure it,” said Robin Bordoli, Vice President of Partner Ecosystems of Marketo. “It also enables marketers to address prospects in their preferred channel and tap the unlimited possibilities of mobile easily and quickly.”