Modern Casino Marketing Webinar: Register Now

Marcus Yoder on Mobile Apps to Entice Millennials to CasinosOn March 8th, 2016, mGamingWatch and Michael Laffey, a 20 year veteran of the gaming business and president of Indigeony , will present an insightful webinar on the opportunities and obstacles inherent today in casino marketing.

According to Laffety, the way that we have been marketing casinos for the last 20 years does not necessarily work in the modern era. Increased competition, aging of core guests, millennial lack of interest, and media fragmentation has forced us to think of new ways to communicate with our guests, he says.

During the webinar, Laffey says he will explain why mobile marketing is not going away and will only get better as casino marketers “find new and interesting ways to engage guests.”

“The mobile industry will get better at adapting products for use in the casino vertical because we constantly are challenging ourselves to enhance guest experiences,” he concludes. “I want people who attend this webinar to realize that mobile needs as much attention as traditional media. We cannot spend 6 weeks developing a story for TV and have some intern spend 20 minutes putting together mobile content. That will not be effective.”

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