Mocean Mobile Rolls Out Global Mobile Exchange

moceanMocean Mobile this week announced the creation of the Mocean Mobile Exchange, which is being billed as “the world’s largest mobile ad marketplace.”

This marketplace, we’re told, will seamlessly connect all Mocean Mobile customers through a “streamlined marketplace” for both the supply and demand sides.

The Mocean Mobile Exchange will increase fill rates and revenues, and standardize the way that Mocean Mobile publishers, networks, ad agencies and their trading desks access inventory within marketplaces.

Additional data layers will add to the efficiency and performance of the Mocean Mobile Exchange, the company boasts.

“Our goal for the Mocean Mobile Exchange is simple: to leverage all of the demand-side sources already integrated within the Mocean Mobile platform in a parallel bid environment to create liquidity in the mobile ad marketplace,” explained Dave Gwozdz, CEO of Mojiva, in a press release.

Mojiva is the parent company of Mocean Mobile.

“Dozens of ad networks and the most prominent sellers of mobile advertising currently generate hundreds of millions of dollars of mobile display sales on Mocean Mobile’s ad-core platform, yet independently the result is less than efficient,” Gwozdz adds. “Allowing these same apps, publishers and ad networks to access each other in real time – on the same dashboard via RTB – is a much more efficient model moving forward.”