Mocean Mobile Pushes New Mobile Ad-Serving Solution

A recognized leader in mobile ad technology is touting what’s being called the industry’s first 360-degree product suite built exclusively for mobile.

Mocean Mobile issued a press release this morning explaining how Mocean for Advertisers will work.

Built for mobile, Mocean for Advertisers enables easy integration with brands, agencies, demand-side platforms and trading desks to streamline the mobile media buying and serving process, the company says.

Now, leading advertisers can directly plan, buy, monitor, and manage their mobile ad campaigns from one single dashboard to ensure the highest ROI for each impression. Mocean Mobile will also introduce RTB (Real-Time Bidding) to Mocean for Advertisers in the near future, allowing its customers access to supply from RTB exchanges.

“Mocean Mobile tapped some of the world’s leading agencies and largest advertisers for their input during the development of Mocean for Advertisers – instead of trying to retrofit their product to meet the buy-side’s needs after it had been built,” says Sacha Xavier, Director Media and Innovation at Neo@Ogilvy.

“Mocean for Advertisers is a much needed product in the digital media industry and will help mobile advertising come of age,” Xavier adds. “We expect that it will offer advertisers and agencies a single, unified dashboard that is on par with the desktop, and also solve a huge transparency problem within the digital advertising industry where everything is based on metrics.”

To learn more about the new solution, click here.