Mobvista Ranked TUNE TOP 25 Global Advertising Partner 2016, as China’s Only Ad Platform Selected

mobvisaLast week, TUNE unveiled their Top 25 Mobile Advertising Partner report for 2016. For the second time in a row, both Mobvista and its subsidiary Native X were honored to be included.

TUNE made their selection from over 400 of their most active integrated ad partners. They were scored on eight different measures including adoption (market presence), reputation (trustworthiness and transparence), performance on Tune Certified Partner Program, clicks and taps, installs, revenue per installs in the first 30 days and 60 days, and their retention on day 1, 2, 3, 7, and 14.

As Asia’s largest mobile marketing platform, Mobvista has built a mobile traffic system covering 243 countries and regions, reaching over 10 billion daily impressions. Mobvista also owns a user database covering over 2 billion devices and over 3000 user targeting labels.
NativeX, an established mobile native advertising platform based in the U.S was acquired by Mobvista earlier with year with $24.5 million cash deal.

One day before TUNE published its TOP 25 Mobile Partner list, Mobvista announced officially the launch of China’s first native and video ad mediation platform, Mintegral. The mobile Supply-Side Platform provides developers a global monetization solution for maximized revenue.  NativeX’s video ad technologies are also integrated into the Mintegral mediation platform.

Robin Duan, founder and CEO of Mobvista, said on the Mintegral launch event, “In the future, only full-stack service providers can survive. Mobvista is more than just a top advertising network. We are also a data-driven service company for developers. And we look forward to continuing the strong growth and success of our developer partners with Mintegral.”