Mobvista Enters Korean Market, Expanding Global Footprint

2Mobvista, the largest mobile advertising platform in Asia, has officially entered in Korean market.

On Monday, Mobvista held its first event in Seoul titled “How to Accurately Reach Global Users and Get Higher ROI.”

The forum was supported by Tune, a world leading application data tracking and analytics company, and attracted over 150 mobile marketing experts and professionals.

In the forum, Irene Yang (Mobvista’s Director of Business Development in APAC), Junsung Park (Mobvista Korea Sales Head), and Sehee Cha (the Account Manager of TUNE), shared their visions.

The forum points to the fact that Mobvista has officially started exploring the Korean market and is further expanding its overseas presence.

With more than 70 percent smartphone penetration, Korea outpaces North America and Europe by at least 10 percent. It also tops the mobile market world.

Smartphones are driving the Korean mobile market. Consequently, Chinese mobile Internet companies are broadly optimistic about the Korean market and many of them have achieved great success in Korea (such as Efun, Kunlun and other gaming companies).

After China, the U.S., Europe, South East of Asia and India, Mobvista has now established its Korea office in Seoul. This local presence will enable Mobvista to deploy a deeper rooted business engagement with local partners and stakeholders. In addition, we’re told that the company is also actively open to various new investment opportunities in the Korean market.

If you’re not familiar, Mobvista has a long and successful record of helping global and regional e-commerce and gaming companies reach more users and maximize monetization with their comprehensive mobile marketing solutions. For it’s high penetration in both smartphone and mobile payment adoption, the Korean market abounds in opportunities. Being in Korea allows Mobvista to stay on top of developments in the region, the firm tells us.

“As the largest mobile ad platform in Asia, Mobvista has abundant high quality Korean traffic and can provide transparent, accurate and stable user acquisition services to Korean game, social, e-commerce and brand advertisers,” says Mobvista founder and CEO Wei Duan. “We will work with local innovative user-centric developers on business and capital, provide traffic monetization management services beyond expectation and further enrich Mobvista’s traffic ecosystem. In mature Korean market, we will cooperate with local incubators to support tech startups and enhance Mobvista’s overall capabilities as a technology-driven ad platform.”

Since launching in March 2013, Mobvista has become the largest mobile marketing platform in Asia and has built a mobile traffic ecosystem with over 10 billion daily impressions covering 243 countries and regions.

Mobvista provides comprehensive solutions like performance ad and app store search optimization, helping advertisers to better engage with global users. With mediated top quality international ad sources, customizable native ad formats and algorithms, Mobvista’s Native + Video Ad Mediation Platform Mintegral helps developers to maximize their monetization.

In November 2015, Mobvista went public at National Equity Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ) as China’s largest mobile marketing company. According to its 2016 H1 results, Mobvista’s revenue reached $118.174 million with net profit of $11.525 million, the highest among the same type of listed companies at NEEQ. In addition, Mobvista acquired NativeX in February and GameAnalytics in July this year. At present, Mobvista has offices in 12 cities across the world with nearly 500 employees.

In September, Mobvista opened its office is Seoul. With about 10 employees, Mobvista Korea now provides marketing services to over 50 gaming and e-commerce advertisers, including Bitmango, Com2us and Netmarble etc.