MobiYogi: A Zen-Filled Review

Since I just recently started my yoga practice (That’s what our teacher Tina calls it. My friends and I just call it “doing yoga.”) I’ve become drawn to all things related to yoga. Naturally when I saw a mobile yoga site I knew it had to be reviewed.

Quick Site Description:
MobiYogi, a mobile yoga site because you deserve a Zen moment. Anywhere. Anytime.

First Impression:
I love the site on first glance. The header photo is perfect and already gives me a tiny zen moment just by logging in. I’m ready…

What’s Here:
Four yoga moves (not really yoga postures, because they are more like stretches) that help to get the energy moving in your Neck, Shoulders and Legs. There’s also an all over body move under Greeting the Heavens.

Ease of Use:
The site works exactly as expected. It is easy enough to find what I want on the site. Without photos of the moves it is hard to read the tiny text and then do what I am supposed to do while still glancing down to see what is next. But the information is short enough I can read it all through and then just do it.

Find Stuff Factor:
The navigation is not consistent page to page, but it is still easy enough to find what I want. What is here is right where I’d expect it and nothing is too far away because there is nothing too much deeper on the site.

This could be one of the problems for the site owner – there’s not enough here to get me to come back. Once I’ve been here and memorized the moves there is nothing else I need here.

Best Part(s):
The name – what’s not to love about MobiYogi.Mobi?

Where to Use It:
The office. It would help break up a long day of sitting at the computer.

Bottom Line:
I want more from this site. I want photos and I want to be able to sign up for yoga text reminders. Oh, and I’d love to have a little “message from the yogi” that changes all the time. Also, maybe a Yoga Move of the Day so that I knew something new would be there waiting for me. Just in case the owners do add more I will keep checking back.

3 1/2 of 5 (This site has so much potential.)

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