MobiTV Working with Texas Instruments on HD Content Streaming

With an ever-growing number of mobile users turning to their smartphones and tablets for video and live streaming content, the motivation is strong for MobiTV to collaborate with Texas Instruments to enhance delivery of secure HD content.

In short, MobiTV is building upon the technology on TI’s OMAP platform to create what’s being called a ‘mosaic viewing’ experience within a single screen for playback of up to a half-dozen live feeds.

This experience is made possible through the integration of MobiTV’s Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution and Media Playback technology with TI’s M-Shield security solution running in a trusted execution environment (TEE), a critical feature of the OMAP platform’s smart multicore architecture.

“Our collaboration with Texas Instruments and its OMAP4460 processor is a first step toward more widespread secure delivery of high-definition content across multiple IP-connected devices like tablets, phones and IP-connected set-top boxes,” admits MobiTV, Inc. Vice President of Technology Cedric Fernandes.

In recent weeks, MobiTV has been on the move with all sorts of announcements and new endeavors.

Just days before the partnership with TI was exposed, MobiTV announced the hiring of a new general manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa, with the company adding its commitment to rapidly expand services to those particular regions.