mobiThinking Releases Best of the Mobile Web e-Book

In this free e-Book by mobiThinking, dozens of mobile sites are reviewed and the best and worst aspects of them are pointed out. It is full of valuable principles and tips about how to build your mobile site in such a way that it maximizes consumer experience.

One such strategy is “Content is king…but in small bits” points out that mobile users have a short attention span and that it is important to serve up snack-size portions of your content. Combine that idea with “Simplify, but don’t oversimplify” and you have found one fine line of building the perfect mobile website.

It is clear that keeping the end user firmly in mind is critical. We cannot lose sight of the fact that the person visiting our mobile site is likely standing on a street corner, sitting on a crowded bus, pulled over on the side of the road or somewhere equally as busy and inconvenient for them. And they are using a tiny screen.

This end user really must find what they want on our mobile site quickly and easily or they will go somewhere else. Unfortunately that may be happening to more of us than we care to admit.

As this “Best & Worst” survey shows, 2008 is the “late early stage” of the mobile web: the end of the beginning. There’s a huge disparity between best practice and common practice,with most mobile websites still clustering around the bottom of the effectiveness scale.

I highly recommend grabbing a copy of the mobiThinking e-Book “Best and Worst Of The Mobile Web” for some smart insight into the mobile web.