Mobissue Releases Digital Catalog Software to Entice Mobile Users to Become Mobile Buyers

Mobissue Releases Digital Catalog Software to Entice Mobile Users to Become Mobile BuyersThe idea of shopping on mobile is picking up steam by the week. So are creative ideas to make that easier for marketers.

Now Mobissue has created new (and free) digital catalog software that allows businesses to target shoppers via their mobile devices.

“Downloaded as an app, customers are treated to an amazing digital catalog that promotes the business’ products using a range of the latest promotional elements including audio, video, and animation,” according to a company statement provided to MMW.

“As they browse, customers can also buy; the software allows them to order products there.”

Basically, Mobissue clients can sign up for the free software to access easy-to-create digital catalogs and zoom them directly to customers.

Available for the desktop, tablet, and mobile phone, the catalogs have a range of great features including Hot Spots to draw customers to a product; options for adding an image or slideshow to show more details of the product; the ability to include within it YouTube videos, video, and audio players, as well as bookmarks and HTML5 animation.

Mobissue provides easy-to-use templates and instructions.

“Traditional forms of advertising such as full page advertisements in newspapers are no longer effective in this digital age,” explained Winston Zhang, CEO of Mobissue. “That’s why more and more businesses are turning to technology to get their products seen. Our digital catalog software makes it easier for businesses to bring a whole new shopping experience to their customers. You can create bespoke online magazines that are available on a range of mobile devices and directly market your products to your customers.”

Mobissue’s current list of clients employing the new catalog software includes Dior, Estee Lauder, Apple, Omega, Ikea, Cartier, and Yellowstone National Park.

A tutorial video available here tells more.