Mobiquity Warns of Beacon Security Gaps

Mobiquity Warns of Beacon Security GapsOn Wednesday, MMW was privy to an advanced look a new report from Mobiquity that was published this morning.

The mobile engagement provider says it has determined that significant enterprise functionality lapses still exist in current deployments of beacon programs.

This gap – in monitoring, authentication and authorization – could significantly impact the touted benefits of this new technology aimed at retailers and other early adopters. The findings are a result of the “Micro-Locationing Project” from Mobiquity Labs a newly launched applied technology lab that explores the feasibility of technology and aims to help Mobiquity clients design mobile solution prototypes that integrate emerging technology.

In short, they found that there are purportedly no crreunt processes in place to monitor beacons, making it difficult to measure whether they are working or effective. Not only does this impact the value of the beacon program, Mobiquity says, but it could lead to significant security risks, such as stolen beacons.

“While beacon technology is incredibly easy to use and deploy, we were shocked at the gap that exists around enterprise-class deployment,” explains Ty Rollin, chief technology officer. “With no consistent tracking and monitoring system, there is no stopping the movement of beacons from one location to another, and no way to track whether a beacon is truly effective. This can – and should – be a concern for anyone looking to deploy beacon technology.”