Mobiquity Networks Launches Mobiquity Entertainment Network

indexMMW learned Thursday that Mobiquity Networks, the largest network of retail mall-based mobile advertising beacons in the United States, is rolling out its highly specialized mobile advertising network offering – the Mobiquity Entertainment Network.

The Mobiquity Entertainment Network, we’re told, provides an entirely new avenue for movie studios and entertainment companies to engage with fans via mobile, linking digital screens to offline activity.

The Mobiquity Entertainment Network leverages the precise location awareness enabled by beacon technology to trigger entertainment and movie fan app engagement and to accurately account for advertising campaign attribution. Both the beacon network and ad campaigns are managed by Mobiquity’s proprietary proximity marketing platform, and app engagements are executed through Mobiquity Networks’ mobile app publisher network, which includes movie-fan apps such as Moviefone and

Built for the entertainment industry, the Mobiquity Entertainment Network “enables direct engagement with a known movie-goer community,” the company explained in a news release.

Theater owners are able to utilize the network to improve and expand the in-theater experience. The network also allows in-theater advertising partners, such as Screenvision, to extend their captive audience engagement beyond the big screen and into retail environments.

“Demographically, movie theaters are highly complementary to Mobiquity Networks’ existing retail mall network and we are excited to expand our footprint in the entertainment sector. We are breaking new ground and creating a new and effective way for movie studios and entertainment companies to reach their biggest fans on a national level via mobile,” said Tom Arnost, Executive Chairman of Mobiquity Networks. “This offering delivers a highly targeted audience for the industry. The 2,284 theaters in our footprint should represent as much as 80% of the total U.S. box office of $11 Billion. Reaching this audience creates the potential for significant incremental revenue for us.”