Mobily and Huawei Make Impressive Headway in The Middle East

The Middle East is rapidly becoming a major hub for mobile and one of the most innovative regions on earth for tech and communications advancement and investment.

Just this past weekend, Mobily – Saudi Arabia’s leading mobile operator – announced an expanded commercial effort with Huawei, a global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider.

On Sunday, the partners revealed the implementation of the Middle East’s “first commercial next generation Service Delivery Platform” – or SDP.

The joint effort heralds landmark advances for nearly every segment of the operator’s nationwide mobile network.

“We are very proud of this cooperation between Mobily and Huawei. The Middle East’s first commercial next generation Service Delivery Platform (SDP) is part of Mobily’s initiative to enrich the telecom sector and customers’ experience,” said Mobily’s CEO Khalid Al Kaf.

“This project was a fantastic opportunity to work with Mobily to build a strong operation, assurance, and optimization system that could be integrated into the pre-existing network,” adds Yi Xiang, President of Middle East, Huawei. “As legacy services, operations and networks are replaced with these software-driven frameworks, the traditionally separate IT and telecom worlds are now converging. This particular Huawei SDP solution will enable Mobily to tap into new revenue streams across the telecom, media, and Internet industries by extracting value from mobile broadband and cross-industries business.”

What role do you think the Middle East will play in the future role of mobile and the communications industry at large?